by Donya Kiana

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This is my first solo EP.
"Two Petals" was the first song that I ever wrote, besides growing up writing poetry. "Widow" is my latest. I draw much inspiration from English & Irish history; the arts, landscape, & struggles of the people.


released October 31, 2016

All words and music by Donya Kiana

Donya Kiana: vocals, cello, violin, piano

Isla: backing vocals

Billy King: guitars, backing vocals, piano

Kenny King: upright bass, graphic design

Nhin Luu: photography

Mixed and produced by Billy King & Donya Kiana at Holler Sounds


all rights reserved



Donya Kiana Ann Arbor, Michigan

Donya Kiana is a singer/songwriter from Ann Arbor Michigan. She draws much inspiration from English & Irish history; the arts, landscape, & struggles of the people.

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Track Name: Sad Eyes
I used to imagine that peace was real,
Wasn't that such a silly idea?
Oh I,
Was so scared of the truth

I'd often sit alone at night,
Wanting everything to be alright,
But I knew deep inside,
That it would never be.


What I think the greatest tragedy is,
That all my best moments are memories,
And there's nothing I can do,
To turn back time.

Why do good things never last?
Why does my joy only exist in the past?
I feel like my whole life,
Was just a dream.

I have always wanted,
What I thought,
Was a simple thing.
And I have always tried,
To see the life,
In my sad eyes.

If you had only taken my hand,
We could've traveled to a distant land,
Far away,
From this cold world.

But now I am freezing to death,
I can hardly feel my breath,
I'm so tired of wandering


I have always wanted,
What I thought,
Was a simple thing.
And I have always tried,
To see a light,
In my sad eyes,
That's burning out.
Track Name: Two Petals
She used to dance beneath the moonlight,
The wind blowing in her hair,
But now she weeps by her bedside,
She sits alone in despair

He used to sing in the sunlight,
A smile on his fair face,
But now he stands alone at might-night,
Waiting for her ghost to appear

La la la la la

She hasn't eaten in days now,
He smokes away his lungs,
All because of a lie,
But i guess that's what the world has become

She walked alone to the subway,
He somehow staggered his way,
She saw his face in the moonlight,
He saw the wind blow through her hair

La la la la la

Their worlds were one in that moment,
He smiled the first time in years,
She grabbed his hand and they were dancing,
Together they danced away the year

Her last dance was in the moonlight,
The next day he sang his final song,
And then they fell beneath the blue sky,
They lay side by side all day long

La la la la la

Two petals drifting in the wind,
One fell on the palm of his hand,
The other landed in her hair,
No longer did they float in the wind,
Oh no longer did they float in the wind

La la la la la
Track Name: Widow
Everyone loathes the cry of a widow,
Calling out for company,
And everyone loathes the sigh of a widow,
Reminding them of the pain they feel.

And everyone inside is a widow,
Robbed of all their dignity,
And some try and hide that they are a widow,
Masking their faces with smiles so sweet.


Some take pride in their side that's a widow,
Playing games of hide and seek,
You never know they might show you their widow,
Craving attention so desperately.

Will you show me your heart?
Will you bear me your widow?
So mine can feel needed by comforting you,
In a long time from now I might show you my widow,
And we can trade places in this game we all lose.


They say everyone loathes the cry of a widow,
But maybe some of us are wanting to hear.

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